The 11 Second Club is a monthly animation contest. Each
month an 11 second audio clip from a movie or TV show is provided and animators are to animate character(s) speaking this dialog. You have one month to complete and submit your animation. After that the best animation is chosen by voting. The winner gets a video critique from a professional animator, usually with experience at a big studio.

It's a great way to challenge yourself and improve your animation. When I have the time I try to enter this contest. Below are my entries. Also, you can check out my profile on their site here.

June 2010
Or, watch on Vimeo here.

Title: Nuclear meltdown
Rating: 5.82
Finished 25 out of 158 entries

August 2009

Or, watch on Vimeo here.

Title: The Green Cube
Rating: 5.65
Finished 51 out of  188 entries