About me

I'm originally from Colorado. Growing up, I was always into art, music and computers so 3D animation was a natural fit for me. I studied animation at Vancouver Film School. After completing their one year program I ended up on the other side of the globe in Tokyo, Japan.

Ended up working roughly 8 years in Japan. I had the opportunity to work on some great projects including My Friends Tigger & Pooh, Transfomers Prime and Star Wars, The Clone Wars. The last project I worked on was a feature called Robodog. Although the film was canceled it was a great experience for me.

In March of 2015 I moved with my wife and kids to Vancouver Canada. I am currently a Senior Animator at Sony Pictures Imageworks. My first project there was Angry Birds and I am currently working on a film called Storks.

As an animator I take my work seriously and am constantly trying to improve my skills and knowledge. Character performance is my top priority and I think it's important for an animation team to talk about character and story with each other. I look forward to wherever this great art takes me next.